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Lesson 3 - Characteristics of a Leader

Identify the characteristics and descriptions of young David.    As you go through this exercise, don’t allow what you know of later parts of David’s life to bleed into your thought.  Just glean from these verses.


Drill down.  Get to know the young man.  For example, v. 19 identifies him as “shepherd”.  That ties to v. 11, “in the fields” and “watching the sheep and goats”.  What does it take to be an effective shepherd? What qualities and skills?  How does that relate to “warrior” or to the ability to play the harp or to the soothing manner of his music?  

  • How do each of the characteristics and talents of David that you found relate to his becoming a leader?  

  • How do the things you discovered about young David relate to the concept of “a man after God’s own heart”?

  • How do they inform your model of leading an organization?

  • If you were to adopt such things into your style of leadership, what personal challenges might you expect to experience? 

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