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The Landscape Selections

"Ending Credits"
Mobile Bay AL
February 2024

"One Fine Morning in the City"
New Orleans LA
September 2023

"Dawn Explorations"
Mobile AL
October 2023


"Predawn on Lower Dauphin.2"
Mobile AL

 April 2024

"Predawn on Lower Dauphin"
Mobile AL

 March 2024

SNY05276.1_edit.5-art-scale-2_00x-gigapixel 2.jpg

"On Sand Mountain"
North of Steamboat Springs CO
October 2021

"Looking into Wyoming"
N. of Steamboat Springs CO
October 2021


Colorado Planes
North of Denver CO
November 2020


"Delightful Start to the Day"
French Quarter
New Orleans LA
May 2021


"The Filling of Sapphire Valley"
Cashiers NC
August 2018


"Winter Evening Glory"
Langan Municipal Park Mobile AL
February 2022


"The Long Look"
South of Steamboat Springs CO
September 2020


"Texture of the Platte"
Platte River east of Denver CO
March 2019


"A Drama of Sky and Rock"
North Central NM
June 2019

2008.06.Ireland Plus 210-Edit-Edit.jpg

"On the Green"
Kerry Region, Ireland
June 2008


"Family Moments"
Langan Park
Mobile AL
February 2022


"Its a Coastal Thing"
Near Belengrath Gardens
South Mobile Co. AL
October 2021


"Tidal Sweep"
Mobile Bay
Mobile AL
July 2022


"The Canyon"
Broadway at Canal
New York City
February 2018

_DSC6042-DeNoiseAI-standard copy 2.jpg

"November Bayou"
Bayou La Batre AL
November 2022


"Coastal Glory"
Coden AL
February 2023

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