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For Freedom

I have deep passion about two things...(1) following Christ on His terms, and (2) facilitating the health and welfare of America. The second yields to and is a product of the first.

The two concepts come together in a concept I have come to express as "the citizen of faith" with, as I have said to generations of university graduates upon conferring their degree, "all the rights, privileges, and responsibilities appertaining thereto".

There is much to think about regarding that concept, but the bottom line is, failure to attend the responsibilities of following Christ results in forfeiture of health and welfare in the nation. Much has happened at the dictate of the federal state with intent to limit expression of faith in Christ by American citizens. That, in my opinion, constitutes clear and present danger to America.

The "fix" is clearly summarized in scripture. All that is required is that we who call ourselves by God's name submit ourselves to God, praying and seeking Him, and that we run from sin. He will do the hearing, forgiving, and healing.

It is a simple proposition.

Hold on tight,

Mark Foley

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