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November 2016

Life will place you into the wind. It is unavoidable. Though it is not always comfortable, it is a place that God uses to shape an individual into his desired form of character and faith. Walking in the Wind is a collection of conversations with God through a windy season filled with questions about how to navigate the journey.  


Read the impressions of God through a time of challenge and excitement. You will read about assurance, closeness, surrender, distractions, difficulties, separation, forgiveness, and more.


The primary theme is that first introduced by Jesus to two men as they were going about their daily work. "Follow me, and I will show you how..."


That invitation can be very compelling on a windy day.

December 2016

Light in the Star is a story of a flight at the controls of an iconic P-51 Mustang and of clear lessons on how to follow God.

Jesus has some very pointed things to say about how people are to follow him.  Most of the time, following is done on our terms based upon common understanding and traditions.

But, Jesus insists that it be done on his terms or not at all.  Read about four critical lessons learned in the most unexpected of ways.

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