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Mark Foley, Ph.D.


The biblical character, David, was a complex man.  From shepherd to king, from charismatic hero to hunted fugitive, from warrior to musician poet, from moral champion to moral failure, from successful leadership to fractured family, from firebrand for God to broken repentance, David left clear tracks in each of these arenas of life. 


If that is all there was to David, it is still worth a look.  But, two constants in David’s life put a spotlight on him like no other and make him worthy of close study to inform effectiveness in twenty-first century leadership. 


First, he is the only man in history to be designated by God as a man after God’s own heart.  Second, from about age fifteen until his death, the dynamic presence of God’s Spirit was firmly upon him.  He was God’s man through all the transitions life contained. 


The study of a man like that makes good sense.  David on Life and Leadership, will look at the man’s life through the lens of organizational leadership.  I have discovered that there are important lessons in this man’s story that were never taught in my business degree.


This is a self-paced study.  If you take time to read carefully and possess the courage to answer questions honestly, you will learn from King David's life how to do life and leadership effectively on God's terms.

Lesson 1 - Leadership transition
Lesson 2 - Chracteristics of a leader
Lesson 3 - Dealing with giants
Lesson 4 - A selfless & trusted friend
Lesson 5 - Integrity & effectiveness
Lesson 6 - Jealous reactions & effective alternatives
Lesson 7 - When the props are knocked out
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